Australia Fails To Stop Covid-19 Outbreak And Extends Lockdown

The two largest cities in Australia are preparing to remain under the strict restrictions imposed on COVID-19, after Melbourne extended the five-day closure (lockdown) aimed at limiting virulent infection, informs “AFP”.

“These restrictions simply cannot end tomorrow night at midnight,” Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews insisted, without saying how long the Melbourne lockdown would last.

About 12 million people have been imprisoned in Melbourne and Sydney, where month-long restrictions have failed to quell the outbreak of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

In the 18 months since the start of the pandemic, Australia has generally managed to prevent mass transmission of the infection but now registers more than 100 new infections within 24 hours, making it difficult to track contacts.

In Sydney, it seems less and less likely that the city will come out of the lockdown, which is already in its fourth week, at the end of the month, as planned.

On Saturday, the state of New South Wales imposed a number of new restrictions and ordered all non-essential stores to be closed.

Today, the state reported 98 new infections.