China Will Take Drastic Measures In Case Taiwan Makes Independence Moves

China will take “drastic measures” if Taiwan takes steps towards independence, a Beijing spokesman warned, adding that Taiwan’s provocations and foreign intervention could intensify next year, Reuters reported.

China has claims to democratically govern Taiwan as its own territory, and over the past two years has stepped up military and diplomatic pressure to assert its claims to sovereignty, fueling anger in Taipei and unrest in Washington.

China is ready to do its utmost to seek peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but will act if any red lines on independence are crossed, Ma Xiaoguan, a spokesman for the Taiwan Office, told a news conference.

“If separatist forces in Taiwan seeking independence provoke, use force or even break every red line, we will have to take drastic measures,” Ma warned.

Taiwan has emerged as a key factor in strained relations between China and the United States, the island’s most important international supporter and arms supplier, despite a lack of formal diplomatic relations.

China has regularly identified the island as the most sensitive issue in its relations with the United States.

Ma noted that provocations by the independence forces and “external intervention” could become “sharper and more intense” in the coming months.

“Next year, the situation around the Taiwan Strait will become more complicated and difficult,” he said.

Beijing has sent military planes over the Taiwan Strait several times in recent months to put pressure on Taiwan. He insisted he would not succumb to threats.

Although the United States recognizes only one China, it is required by law to provide Taiwan with protection and has long pursued a policy of “strategic uncertainty” over whether to intervene militarily to protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.

The defeated government of the Republic of China fled to Taiwan in 1949 after losing a civil war with the Communists who created the People’s Republic of China.

Blinkon: The United States and its allies will act if China invades Taiwan.

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