3 Types of Forex Market Analysis


e lived long enough to see this day through! The day we open the door of the true technique of making money.

Don’t forget that once you have a glance, you won’t come back to your ordinary life. 

Most of the time you will think about Forex. 

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It will want your full attention. 

Plus, Forex would like you to be gentle in the beginning and not to lose all your money at the first go! 

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Three Types of Market Analysis

You will need to analyze the market constantly in order to make good predictions of the direction of the change in the exchange rates. These analyses actually represent three types of thinking.

In the next few lessons we will provide you with information about the three types of market analysis. 

Types of market analysis:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

There is a battle between the analysis, defining which one is better, but to tell you the truth, you need to know all three.

All three of them have different processes and considerations. 

However, all of these analytical frameworks share one common goal — namely, accurately predicting how the markets are going to move in the near term.

You need to know these three types of analysis by heart!

So, you can plan your trades accordingly and not miss out on an opportune moment!

Don’t think even for a second to skip one of them!

In tandem with each other, they will lead to better decisions and wiser trades.

If you familiarise yourself only with the two out of three, there is a chance to lose money!

Let’s look into the first one – the Technical Analysis! Jump onto the next page!

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